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Highlights of our Program


Brain Power Academy Mental Arithmetic Program (BPAMAP)

Abacus is considered the most effective way to introduce math for young children and strengthen arithmetic skills. Learning abacus trains the student to use both sides of the brain. This unique exercise promotes and strengthens the brain function and can help to develop a concrete idea for numbers, improves concentration, mental endurance memory retention and recall skills. Abacus classes enhance visualization and listening skills and benefits other academic subjects. Children learn to perform mathematical operations with great speed and accuracy.

What is Abacus?

Abacus is a mathematical tool that is used to do basic arithmetic calculations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.  The tool is made up of a wooden frame, with rows of beads.

How is an abacus different from an electronic calculator?

In an electric calculator, the user provides the inputs such as numbers, addition, and subtraction while the calculator provides the output.

In abacus, the child converts the number into beads, manipulates the beads and then brings out the result. Proper training equips the child with the skill to carry out the arithmetic calculations quickly.

What are the benefits of abacus learning?

Abacus learning helps in developing the ability of mental calculation in children. It enables them to understand the basic number systems including base-ten and place values.

Abacus helps the child to understand the concepts of carrying and borrowing used in arithmetic. It helps in visualization of the relationship between numbers and numerals.

What positives does the user get from using abacus?

Abacus helps in boosting your childís confidence, in carrying out math calculations and developing mental calculation abilities. It helps in offering a sense of achievement to the child with his improved efficiency.

Abacus helps in enhancing the problem solving abilities of the child along with improving the concentration and mental endurance.

What the study of the Medical Team specifically engaged to evaluate the Abacus Education says about this program?

Their  study  conducted  over  a  period  of  two years  showed  that  the  abacus  trainees  had  a  better   visual   and   auditory   memory   when  compared  to  non  abacus  learners.  They concluded  that   a   student   of   abacus   would   perform  better  in  his  environment  or  in  his  study  of   subjects  other  than  mathematics  which  requires concentration   of   auditory   and   visual   inputs.

A questionnaire was given to parents and the teachers  (listing  the  abilities  in  performance and concentration) and by going through the marks obtained by the abacus learners in various tests conducted  in  regular school  showed a marked improvement not only in  mathematics  but  also in  other  non- mathematical  subjects.